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From Nature
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A community about objects found in nature: bones, antlers, rocks, leaves...
This community is all about finding things in nature.

What does that mean? When you go hiking, or go for a walk on the beach, you might happen upon the bones of a dead critter, or the long-lost antler of a deer, or an interesting rock, leaf, feather, or snail shell -- you get the picture. In other words, it's about the objects and the remains of organisms you find in the wild.

This community is not about the products and items you can buy from trappers or fur farms, nor is it about skulls, bones, or anything else you have purchased online or elsewhere. There are other communities on LiveJournal that encourage this sort of discussion, but this community is not one of them.

It is also important to keep in mind your local laws concerning the collection of deceased animals or animal parts -- this includes the Migratory Bird Act in the United States and any other laws that prohibit the keeping of the remains of specific creatures. Please keep in mind what your state/province/country allows and does not allow, and collect accordingly!

There is a true child-like wonder and fascination tied in with exploring in nature and finding unexpected treasures! If you love to hike and venture in the wild, and you respect the natural world around you, this is the perfect community to join. It's all about what was left by nature, in nature.

Photographs of your finds are encouraged! Show us what you've discovered, even if you didn't end up taking it home. Stories are welcome, as well. As a community, we can provide tips for preservation and display, as well as tips for how to find bones, antlers, and other natural objects in the first place!

To wrap up, do...
- tell us your stories!
- show us your collection!
- provide tips on how to find things!
- give advice on how to treat/clean things!

Note: roadkill is allowed! I know a good portion of my personal collection was collected near the road, and sadly that seems to be the one dependable source for finding interesting things.

Lastly, do not...
- discuss how/where to obtain farmed or trapped furs, pelts, skulls, bones, etc.
- show us collections/objects that you did not find or did not come from nature (i.e., were bought).
- advertise things you are selling, whether it's art derived from skulls, bones, feathers, etc. or the skulls, bones, etc. themselves.